Child playing happily


Join us in this exciting live challenge “Let’s get closer: building your relationship with your adopted or fostered child”.  

We are so thrilled to have you join us to invest in you and your child. Making a significant positive impact in your child’s relationship with you.  

You will feel more confident when you are showing up both for yourself and your child. 

You will learn practical tips games and tools to use in less than an hour a week, which consistently applied without exaggeration, will change your life and the life of your adopted or fostered child. 

This hour a week will significantly increase your skills, talking to tour child, feeling closer building attachment and bonding. 

Improve the dialogue between you and your child. This investment in time will help you to more accurately understand what is going on for your child. Therefore make them feel heard and more likely to share with you in future. (Even when they are teenagers if its done consistently!!)

Increasing their attachment towards you can reduce stress and conflict within your household. 

You will not regret the time you take to invest in your family. 

Done consistently:

Your adopted or fostered child will feel more able to talk to you. 

Feel more part of the family.

Build stronger attachments to you.

Feel more confident in school and socially.

Join the 2 sessions live on tuesday 2nd February and Thursday 4th February 2021 at 8.00 PM. 

To attend join one or both of the Facebook groups:

If you join us live and engage with us in the discussion you have the chance to win a copy of A to Z of therapeutic Parenting Sarah Naish, we are giving away in tuesday to the most engaged attendee. 

These sessions are brought to you by Yoni Ejo and Keeley Craw. 

Who are we?

Yoni, MA, BA Hons is qualified social worker. Yoni was adopted as a child and is an adoptive parent of two beautiful teenage girls. She has been a social worker for over 30 years, working with young people in care, care leavers, both foster and adoptive carers. Yoni has been chief executive of a children’s charity and social work manager.

“Yoni was a professional, supportive and committed supervisor. Her support was endless to her team and her dedication was commendable” Maz Khan. Former staff member.

“What an amazing person you turned out to be. It is many years since I completed the special guardianship documents for the local authority in which you worked Yoni, but I will never forget your commitment to young people looked after. I have met many people during my lengthy career within health and social care, however only a very few made a great impression on me. You are one of them.” Lynn Paterson. Carer. 

Keeley, PG Dip and BA Hons is a Play Therapist with 13 years’ experience of practice working with children residential care, adoptive and foster care and children in need or at risk who are still living at home or in kinship care. Keeley has also been a manager and area manager for a large organisation who provide school based counselling services. 

She also supports therapists in their own practices. Keeley has recently set up a private counselling practice focused on supporting women during pregnancy and the post natal period. Before training as a therapist Keeley was also an assistant social worker, a teacher and a project worker on a number of multidisciplinary teams focused on supporting children and families in crisis. Keeley has worked with children for over 25 years and is a mum of two young children.

“Your insights into play have made such a difference to me and my child. We are both happier for it”. Mum of 6 year old child.

“I always thought play was just something kids did for fun but your training has taught me that there is so much more to play… and I can use it to make a difference.” Mum of a 4 year old.

To attend join one or both of the Facebook groups:

We look forward to seeing you there.