About Me : Yoni

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I am Yoni, a registered social worker, currently working as a manager in an after care team as well as adoption coach and trainer. I have worked in residential Childrens homes, child protection and fostering services.

I am a passionate advocate of adoption as a solution, when children can not remain with their birth parents. It provides stability to children, but I strongly believe that adopters do not get the full range of training and preparation that they need.

I am an adopted person myself having grown up transracially adopted, and with my partner I have adopted two girls who are now teenagers. I loved adopting but I can say honestly that despite a dedcade working in Childrens Services I had NO IDEA what I was taking on!

I wish that I had realised how much my life would change. And of course people tell you things will change, but it is not clear how much. I also don’t believe that the agency training is sufficient to fully appreciate and prepare for the challenges you will face.

In the entrepreneurial world people talk all the time about MINDSET. Yet this perspective is totally absent within childcare, fostering or adoption. I don’t understand why, because how can we as parents and carers, remove our own assumptions, prejudices and perspectives from our parenting?

Yet in my opinion, adults’ expectations of children, a carers mindset or pre-conceived ideas have been at the bottom of most, if not all of the placement issues I have encountered. I have been able to support many carers struggling.

It is often not the behaviour of a child that is the issue, but what the carer feels this means to them themselves.

So better planned is better prepared.

Diversity Adopt provides safe, supportive space for adopters and foster carers to access advice and training.

Black mum and white dad with toddler.

“The training happening in this group is really valuable.”

Amelia (foster Carer)