Yoni: Founder of Diversity Adopt

I am Yoni, founder of Diversity Adopt, a social worker, manager, adoptive mother and adoptee. Diversity Adopt is a source of independent advice and resource for prospective and current adopters, who are passionate about living within diversity. Diverse adoptive families are crucial. We need a variety of families available to care for black and minority children.

There is also a need for families who would love to care for lesbian, gay or transsexual young people rejected by their birth families.

When I, with my partner started to explore which adoption agency we would apply to, we found a mire of different organisations, types of adoption and children of different backgrounds to consider. I was particularly concerned that I had very little information with which to make an informed decision. Would we find an agency where staff understood black families? Would they discriminate against us as a same sex partnership?

How would we make an informed decision, choosing the agency to go with? Is a local authority or independent agency better? What kind of assessment could we expect?

Would we feel well trained and prepared? Would there be sufficient support and advice?

In the end we had a largely positive experience of adoption within a local government agency and now have two beautiful teenage daughters, who give us joy every day. But I really feel that we were insufficiently prepared for the impact of adoption, and I wondered given we both worked in health and social care jobs, how people coped who had even less experience than we did!

As a result I decided to create a resource for those families going through the adoption process.

Diversity Adopt as a site provides information to people considering applying to adoption agencies, both those being assessed and current adopters. We give you details about agencies and the chance to hear from previous applicants who can talk about the agencies that treat applicants fairly and fully, supporting the recruitment of a range of applicants.

What People Say

Yoni was a professional, supportive and committed supervisor. Her support was endless to her team and her dedication was commendable. encouragement and empowerment are two words that describe her approach towards her team.

Maz Khan, LMSW MA, Hospice social worker
Yoni: Welcome to Diversity Adopt!

Yoni was a great non-executive director at The Christie Hospital. Her input was always considered and the general view amongst my executive colleagues was that in a quiet way she asked the necessary and more difficult questions.

Dr. Chris Harrison, Medical Director Christie Hospital.

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